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961 BEER

SIMATIC S5 to S7 for a beer filling machine
Modernization is a must for Manufacturers in Competitive Markets
Discontinuation of SIMATIC S5 and SIMATIC 505 systems brings a number of disadvantages in-cluding expensive procurement of spare parts, a reduction in service and support facilities, and fewer training courses available and limited options for expanding your plant. This is further aggra-vated by the limited functions of the S5 or TI systems, especially as far as fault diagnosis is con-cerned. All this calls for modernization, but without overstretching limited budgets. At the same time, as much of the accumulated systems expertise as possible must remain usable. What is needed therefore is a phased modernization solution.
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Itec scope is to manage the chocolate mixing process in the chocolate’s kitchen and send it to the appropriate tanks depending on the chocolate type. Then the chocolate will be exported to the filling lines in the existing factory and in the new factory according to the production requirements.For chocolate kitchen an S7-1200 1214C CPU is installed communicating through Profinet with a KTP1000 PN and able to control all the process through:

Digital analog
  • Pumps valves
  • Weight measurements
  • Power consumption monitoring



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refurbishing a Pallatizing unit for KASSATLY production line.

using the same existing drives and mechanical system , letting the customer benefitting from the latest updated technology of automation.

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Liban Jus

Filling Machine Renovation S5 to S7
changing from obsolete technology to the latest from SIEMENS is at the core of our business, we help our customer stay in the business.
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Design and implementation of a full control for a dairy line.

including instrumentation and automation.

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Rehabilitation of Pre-Treatment Plant


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SLIM OIL: Edible Oil Vacuum and Filtration Process

Upgrading the DCS and SCADA systeme from Windows 95 Technology to the latest, also full integration of all new devices without any interruption of the production.

Wonderware Intouch Solution.

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