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Infrastructure Projects


NDL (Notre Dame Louize) ATS, power distribution and controlling 3 Generators in addition to the EDL sourcing the whole school and its entire facilities, with remote features and SCADA.

Remote features to include access screens from the comfort of the manager phone, with full control capabilities on all power consumption and Generators etc...

SCADA, for detailed monitoring, archiving and reporting of all the system parameters such as Fuel, power consumption and many more


   ATS  (Download PDF)
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GASCO Day Tank Controller

GASCO project supply a Day Tank Controller that provides automatic hands-free fuel level monitoring and maintenance.


  • Select, supply the control panel and its components based on the required sequence of operation.
  • Supervise the installation, test, commission and handover.
  • As fuel is consumed by the running generator, or the day tank fuel drops below 50%, the day tank controller generates a fill start signal to command the fill pump to start.
  • The tank begins to fill. As the day tank’s fuel level reaches 90%, the fill start signal is terminated and the fill pump stops.



  • Remote monitoring, all operating conditions are available to the customer
  • Analyze & Monitor fuel levels
  • Better Management of time and money 

The implementation of this project provide a panel with a PLC, contactor, and HMI to monitor fuel levels and provide indicators and alarms at certain levels.

Opera Hotel ATS

FULL ATS Control System for Opera Hotel consisting of Controlling

two Main EDL Sources and two generators. Smart System that

combine the sources according to the actual load and feeds in a

sequential control avoiding sudden load appliance.

   Opera Hotel  (Download PDF)
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