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Junker line upgrade

REQUIREMENTS of the customer:

•Reprogramming the machine code using old PLC2 most of PLC code, and adding some additional features.
•Deliver 4 remote IO rack including PLC rack, reprogramming and startup.
•Short installation and startup period.


BENEFIT of the customer:

•Delivery of complete system within few weeks , conserving machine functionality even if complete automation system was replaced , more events and alarms were displayed using Panel View HMI.
•New hardware used, available in the market comparing to PLC2 obsolete hardware.
•It is possible to reduce operational costs by identifying the errors and fault functions whenever occurring.
•It is possible to reduce maintenance costs by installation a maintenance computer stating of studio 5000 service edition, so all interlocks could be detected whenever faults occurs.


•Using the PLC capabilities that enhance software cycle time ,new functions comparing to old PLC2 8 bits instructions.
•Know how, experience, support.
•Studio 5000 V30, Factory talk view ME.
•Fast delivery time, startup in few days, machine operations were exactly the same comparing to old method of operation which is an advantage for the Operators.
•sing the PLC capabilities that enhance software.
   junker line upgrade  (Download PDF)
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· Siemens Power Module regenerative with built in Filter 30KW PM 250 Siemens G120


· Main Features:

- Torque control at any load

ZEENNI: Roll Cutting Line

·       S7-300 PLC

·       Siemens Micromaster MM440 AC

·       OP170 B

·      SIMATIC Step 7


Automate has offered a full automatic system for metal sheets cutting line for Zeenni Steel company

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