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ENERGY / BMS Projects

Building management system/ GSA

Project realisation:

- Building management system/ GSA – Concorde Hotel /Realisation: 2014


Customer advantages

- Operator is instantly notified with any error that might occur and is updated with different signals values from    ensors installed (Levels, temperature, pressure...).
- Alarm history allows the operator/manager to keep track with date and time of the errors when they occurred.
- Trends allow to keep track of different analog inputs readings.
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Fancy Controlling & Power management at a 5 STAR Hotel Monte Cassino

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   Project details  (Download PDF)
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Masdar Solar Platform Lift Renovation

 Repair the Solar Lift that was operating with Mitsubishi Controller
 Replace the old Defected Mitsubishi PLC with a new Siemens Controller
 Reprogram the new controller and implement the same functionnality
   Masdar Solar Platform  (Download PDF)