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ENERGY / BMS Projects

Building management system/ GSA

Project realisation:

- Building management system/ GSA – Concorde Hotel /Realisation: 2014


Customer advantages

- Operator is instantly notified with any error that might occur and is updated with different signals values from    ensors installed (Levels, temperature, pressure...).
- Alarm history allows the operator/manager to keep track with date and time of the errors when they occurred.
- Trends allow to keep track of different analog inputs readings.
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REQUIREMENTS of the customer:

•Full data monitoring over different protocols with all site components and Accurate Control.
1. Siemens PLC Configuration.

     2. Operator workstation and control modules.

     3. HMI software configuration (SCADA).

     4. Automation Panel fabrication.

     5. Electrical Drawings.

     6. Testing and commissioning .

•All types of Modbus communication RTU.

BENEFIT of the customer:

•The customer have the efficiency ,throughput, quality.
•Save time by troubleshooting and monitoring , full automation control with SCADA System.
•It is possible to reduce production costs for the goods manufactured for Fuel.
•It is  possible to reduce operational Costs with 1 operator can monitoring all the conditions controlled.
•It is possible to reduce maintenance costs, easy for maintenance by check the alarm page in the SCADA and follow the error message.


•Automated control with SCADA System.
•The solution partner was able to help the customer
•Modbus RTU.
•Friendly use and fast support.
•TIA V13 and Indusoft.
•The Decision fit in with the customer’s overall strategy perfectly.


   ETS. Michelle Najjar  (Download PDF)
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Fancy Controlling & Power management at a 5 STAR Hotel Monte Cassino

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-ATS for switching between 3 Sources: EDL,Generator1 (300kVA),Generator2 (200kVA).AnS7-1200Controller is installed to manage the switching between sources according to actual consumption read through profibus communication with Socomec Power Meter. Departures are energized progressively after switching procedures in a delayed sequence to maintain generators’ life time.

-BMS panels are installed in every floor: Underground, Level -1 ,Lobby ,Level 1, Level 2. The user has the access to energize the AC of every room in the hote land to enable-disable the heating system of each room as well. In addition feedbacks of AC functionalities are monitored on the control PC and reported ias alarms incase of any malfunction.

At the lobby level,dimming of al lzones is possible through Dimming Module from BECKHOFF for spots direct dimming and analog outputs control 0-10V forstrip lines indirect lights. Crushers and heating systems feedback are monitored as well on the control PC and are reported as alarms with horns in case of any serious malfunctionnality. Water Level and fuel levels of all tanks are displayed…

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   Project details  (Download PDF)
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Masdar Solar Platform Lift Renovation

Requirements of the customer :

• Repair the Solar Lift that was operating with Mitsubishi Controller

• Replace the old Defected Mitsubishi PLC with a new Siemens Controller

• Reprogram the new controller and implement the same functionnality

Implementation by the solution partner :

• ET200SP CPU with NPN IOs

• Installing the best quality-price solution is a benet of the solution partner’s experience

• Having the same quality and satisfaction for the supplier

• Siemens was chose Based on the Client Requirements and the exibility of the product range

• Step7 Professional V13 WinCC Runtime Professional V13

Benefits for the customer :

• Latest Tehchnology used, High availability of Spare Parts,

• Operation Costs Reduced due to the operator Station installed, all lift functionalities can be controlled from the operator workstation

• Monitor all System Inputs and Outputs Electrically for the operator PC installed in the control room

• Reprogram the new controller and implement the same functionnality.

   Masdar Solar Platform  (Download PDF)
Metro Station

Metro Station project supply the HVAC Field Devices to provide the Building Automation control System the readings it needs in order to manage the energy consumption and the thermal comfort within the facility based on Qatar Rail Specifications / QCS Standards.



  • Select, supply the BACS field devices based on the above standards.
  • Power Supply Panels Design and fabrication according to above standards.
  • Supervise the installation, test, commission and handover.
  • Thermal Comfort inside the Doha Major Metro Station which lies in a region that is classified “Hot & Humid” according to ASHRAE
  • Achieve a High Air Quality within a dusty environment.
  • Help the facility sustain its energy consumption. 



  • Analyze & Monitor how energy is consumed
  • Create automated energy efficient measures in unoccupied areas of the building
  • Better Management of time and money
  • Better control of internal comfort conditions
  • Higher Value on property


Power Plant Scada System

REQUIREMENTS of the customer:

•Full SCADA renovation for the Power Plant , replacing old system and including new features.
•To supply and commission the new system.
•Replacement of old S7-400 PLC with new S7-400H, Redundant.

BENEFIT of the customer:

•Siemens automation system used was based on Simatic S7-400H, That will eliminate shut down time and provide high availability.
•Individual computers were used, with new system the database is centralized.
•It is possible to reduce operational costs, as system is fully automated and doesn’t require any personal intervention, reports are generated automatically.
•It is possible to reduce maintenance costs, by using highest product quality, fault detection and event logging that allows to trace problems causes. Most of analog signals are archived.


•To deliver a full control , and monitoring system.
•Continuous Support and availability , guaranteed know-how to be provided by the SP.

Product Quality, full integration, easy to configure.

   Power Plant SCADA System  (Download PDF)
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Qnaiwer Villa BMS

Full automation System to control Lighting Air Conditioning

power Management and all fancy devices

REQUIREMENTS of the customer:

•Control of all lighting, Jacuzzi, shutters, Sockets and major home appliances through a reliable control system with the ability of the manual override in case of any failure.
•The main task was to design the electrical system aligned with the automation system to include one tablet for local control within the apartment and a mobile application for local and remote access over the internet.
•One of the challenges was to switch from full auto mode to manual mode keeping the Controller out of intervention playing all the control from the conventional local switch and pushbuttons for all lighting equipment as well as shutters.

BENEFIT of the customer:

•Customer has benefits from the auto and manual mode at the same time by overriding the auto mode when needed or keeping the full auto mode with application control as well as local control. Application is able to create scenes as per client requirements, monitor power consumption play media and movies from the HDD Library…
•Maintenance Cost is reduce due to the high availability of the system, knowing that conventional electrical components were used, non sophisticated and found in the local market.


   Qnaiwer villa  (Download PDF)
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Sidem BMS by Automate

Requirements of the customer :

• Optimize and Manage the Main Generators Behavior as well as the Power Distribution of the whole factory

• Replacing the existing PLC which is out of Service and reprogram the new PLC in order to fit the requirement

• Give the client an accurate control system that can manage all the generators system.

Implementation by the solution partner :

• The control tasks are divided into 3 Main Parts:

• Adding / Removing 7 Generators ( 1. 2MW each) on the GRID according to the actual load read through Analog Inputs ( Current and Cos Fi ) .

• Adding / Removing 11 Departures according to the actual load and to the number of generators on the GRID. The peaks time affects the actual load, so the software will take care of the departures management .

• Adding / Removing 24 Loads type. Actually the operator has the right to choose Load Control or Departures Control.

Benefits for the customer :

• Easy Switching between Manual and Auto Mode. Multi touch 12inch Control panel with Indusoft Application is used to monitor the consumption, loads and departures. In addition the administrator can set all thresholds for all generators and departures.

• Power Measurement innovative Modules will give the user all required data for each generator such as Voltage, Current, Cos Phi, Active Power, Reactive Power, Negative Power, Frequency…


   Sidem BMS by Automate  (Download PDF)
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