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ENERGY / BMS Projects

Bchehleh Residence

Floors Apartment at Bchehle to control Heating and Cooling System,

Temperature and HVAC

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Building management system/ GSA

Project realisation:

- Building management system/ GSA – Concorde Hotel /Realisation: 2014


Customer advantages

- Operator is instantly notified with any error that might occur and is updated with different signals values from    ensors installed (Levels, temperature, pressure...).
- Alarm history allows the operator/manager to keep track with date and time of the errors when they occurred.
- Trends allow to keep track of different analog inputs readings.
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Fancy Controlling & Power management at a 5 STAR Hotel Monte Cassino

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   Project details  (Download PDF)
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Masdar Solar Platform Lift Renovation

 Repair the Solar Lift that was operating with Mitsubishi Controller
 Replace the old Defected Mitsubishi PLC with a new Siemens Controller
 Reprogram the new controller and implement the same functionnality
   Masdar Solar Platform  (Download PDF)
Qnaiwer Villa BMS

Fancy Control System for a 3 Floors Apartment at Qnaiwer to include lighting HVAC Dimming RGB DMX… In addition one main ATS control System ion two steps to control Sources and Loads (one EDL, one UPS and two Generators…)

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