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Industrial Automation (PLC) Syllabus course 2013-2014

A) General Basic Function and Process Control Syllabus

I. Introduction to Boolean Variable

II. Calculation of Binary and Hexadecimal

III. Explanation of Basic logic function (AND, OR, NOR, XOR,…)

IV. Introduction to Bistable (RS, SR,…), Counter (CTD, CTU, CTUD), Timer(TON, TOF, TP) and Trigger                   (Falling  and Rising Edge) Functions.

V. Introduction to Value Type (BOOL, INT, DINT, Word, Real, Time…)

VI. Introduction and need of automation

VII. PLC architecture and different topology using BECKHOFF products

VIII. Introduction to BECKHOFF PLC software and programming languages using IEC 61131- 3 tools (IL, LD,            FBD, SFC, and ST).

IX. Introduction to Program, Function and Function Block

X. Memory structure and different types of Memory module.

XI. Advance Programming functions of BECKHOFF PLC (Data structure and their types and indirect                       addressing.

XII. Different types of Digital Inputs/Outputs and Analog Inputs/Outputs XIII. I/O addressing and schedules.

XIV. Scan I/O Hardware and troubleshooting

XV. Downloading and uploading of the application software

XVI. Description and selection of BECKHOFF PLC hardware as per requirement of application

XVII. Definition of different protocols use in Automation domain. (Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet, EtherCAT,…


B) HMI/ SCADA Syllabus

I. Introduction to HMI and SCADA system

II. Objectives and features of HMI and SCADA.

III. Design blocks diagrams.

IV. How to Control and Monitoring Value from PLC

V. Data transfers to PLC and simulation

 C) General information about Motion Control Syllabus

I. Introduction to different type of Motors (AC, DC, Stepper and Servo Motors).

II. Introduction to different type of encoder(incremental and absolute)

III. Introduction to different type of Motion Control ( NC PTP, NCI and CNC)

IV. Explanation of main functions to start working with motion control software.

V. Programming and simulation of an application.

   DONBOSCO Technical Institute  (Download PDF)
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Texas A&M University

Equipping TEXAS University in Qatar, with SIEMENS demo kits based on the TIA portal and S7-1500 controller (PLC) with different I/Os , HMI and various sensors...

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PC based Automation is the integration of automation software with findings from engineering science which go beyond the limits of conventional control. The basis for this is the continually increasing performance of PCs. The power of the PC Control philosophy offers sufficient capacity to integrate numerous advanced functions beyond standard control. PC based Automation complements the conventional areas of control technology such as PLC, Motion Control and control technology, for instance, with precise and fast measurement technology and the associated engineering algorithms. The Beckhoff PC-based control technology provides the necessary basic foundation with powerful CPUs, fast I/O, the fast EtherCAT bus system and TwinCAT software.

The target of Industrial Technologies S.A.L (ITEC) - which is the exclusive agent for BECKHOFF in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan – in educational section is to involve the students in development projects and train them how to integrate their studies in the latest technologies and till now ITEC equipped the automation lab in different universities and make conferences to introduce this new Automation technologies.

   USEK  (Download PDF)
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