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Water Projects

Common Seawater Supply - For Oil and Gas application

Requirements of the customer :

• Full control system and SCADA station for the water treatment plant

• Power and automation system for all the facility

Challenges / Visions / needs

• Supply and setup of instruments, calibration, scaling and commissioning on site.

• Calibration, commissioning of sophisticated ow control valves (FCV) and motorized ball valves (MBV), calibration of analog input set point and analog output feedback to PLC.

• Control of working hours of Main generators in Duty / Standby mode

• Analysis of PH, conductivity and Turbidity readings at each process stage to define  the efficiency of the system.

• Supply and commissioning of PFC power factor correction cabinet with 3 steps.

• Supply and commissioning of VFD found at sea cabinet for Raw Water Pump RWP to control the main water ow supplied to the system , including pump motor overheat protection .

• Providing support to mechanical team in eliminating leakage in some critical locations.

• Adjustment of all oat switches to control the min/max level in each tank.

Implementation by the solution partner :

• Deliver a full control , power and automation system for all the facility

• implementing control functions and suggesting operation philosophy

• Continuous Support and availability , guaranteed know-how to be provided by the SP

• Product Quality, full integration, easy to configure.

Benefits for the customer :

• Siemens automation system used was based on Simatic S7-1500 and TIA (Totally Integrated Automation)

• Individual controllers were used, where all the system was controlled using one main PLC.

• Easy operation/maintenance

• System is fully automated and doesn’t require any personal intervention

• Maintenance cost is reduced by using highest product quality , fault detection and event logging that allows to trace problems causes.

   TISS 2016  (Download PDF)
Tannourine water filtration

REQUIREMENTS of the customer:

•PLC based control system, HMI for local control, PC with runtime license for archives and monitoring.
•Providing control and monitoring system for the system, with remote monitoring and control.
•Accurate flow and dosing control.

BENEFIT of your customer:

•Continuums monitoring and control of the plant, alarming for easier error identification and maintenance
•It is possible to reduce production costs for the goods manufactured, reduction of number of operators, due to automatic operation, and archiving of data.
•It is possible to reduce operational costs, reduction of number of operators, due to automatic operation, and archiving of data.
•It is  possible to reduce maintenance costs, by automatic alarming and process value monitoring to identify the system faults and prevent sudden shut down.


•By providing latest technology based on PLC and HMI systems linked to PC with runtime license.
•Guaranteed operation and availability in case of support need.
•Availability, reliability, precision in control.
•TIAV13, TIA WinCC Advance Runtime license.
•Production targets met.
   Tannourine water filtration  (Download PDF)
Water filling Application


- Water gallons 6 liter filing system using Siemens MAG 6000 food Grade flow meter + camping

- Automade CIP system

   Water Filtration  (Download PDF)