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Automation & Robotics Projects

Arm Robots

The robotic arm comes in handy.

As the manufacturer and assembler, the robotic arm with its rotary joints closely resembles a human arm it has the equivalent of a shoulder, an elbow and a wrist, with the ability to change the number and shape of these articulations. This type of robot can pivot in all different ways.

The human arm moves the hand from place to place. Similarly, the robotic arm's job is to move an end effector from place to place. Robotic arms can be outfitted with all sorts of end effectors suited to a particular application.

Automate retrofits the control system integrated within these robotic arms to improve their performance and suit the needed application

The essence of assembly operations with heavy lifting and dangerous movements.

Delta Robots

Delta robots feed the need for speed.

With their spindly arms and quick motion, spiders are amongst the quickest and most efficient assemblers in nature. Delta robots are similar in current and future industries where fast, reliable and accurate motions are needed. This parallel-link robot, where the major axes are mechanically connected in parallel, provides great motion advantages with explosive speed, accelerations and high duty cycle.

The Delta Robot developed by Automate offers:

•Integrated vision software
•Ease of program customization
•Shortest cycle times with high precision and accuracy
•High capacity enduring large payload
•Customizable design appropriate to the industry application
•Superior tracking performance
•Easy integration into machines and production lines
•Gentle handling of products
Delta Robots, with integrated vision tailored for your application and designed for your needs; ask for a quotation today”
Factory Automation

Automation, the programmable factory logic.

The ability to produce chiefly by machines, integrated assembly lines, and robots is the main purpose of factory automation. To complete this environment, communication is tuned with the required automatic equipment.


•Increased Productivity
•Significant Cost Savings
•Improved Quality
•Improved Safety
•Providing Flexibility and Convertibility
•Increased Competitive Edge