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Cable Industry Projects

Liban Cables Extrusion Line

Extrusion Line Refurbishing performed by automate team

to include all control and power cabinets.

S5 to S7 migration for cable industry


Converting software from S5 to S7.

• Replacing S5 PLC and modules with S7 315 2PN/DP with modules.

• Wiring.

• Replacing SAMP HMI with Siemens HMI OP77A.

• Replacing electronic module (ramp function)with Siemens Function.

- Discontinuation of Simatic S5 and Simatic 505  systems brings a number of disadvantage including expensive procuremnent of spare parts, a reduction and service and support facilities and fewer training courses  available and limited options of expanding your plant. This is further aggravated by the limited functions of the S5 or TI especially as far as fault diagnosis is concered, all this calls modernization, but without overstretching limited budgets. At the same time as much of the accumulated systems expertise as possible must remain usable. What is needed therefore is a phased modernization solution.

-Automate certified SIEMENS Solution Partner implemented several conversions among them Rod break down non-ferrous line without stopping the production (only for few hours).


-Although it was a complex tasks due to the old system architecture such as digital electronic board for drives ramp up and down ( replaces by SIEMNS S7 I/O with an embedded function block to control that functionality) and an old HMI type with a fast counter build in that was also replaced by S7 I/O with an embedded function block in step 7. A lot of details were to be calculated and thanks to SIEMENS adequate support we were able to deliver the job successfully.


The main advantages and the customer benefits of this conversation can be highlighted in the following points:


• Ample functionality and performance through the use of the market leading programmable logic control system SIMATIC S7.


• Investment security based on SIEMENS totally integrated Automation (TIA) concept.


• Optimized migration with regard to performance and quality.


• Short downtimes through tool-supported system and analysis and professional implementation of the previous system configuration.


• Your new automation system is configured from the SIMATIC  S7 components best suited to your application , and optimized with regard of the performance and functionality. After all, no one knows the potential and the capabilities of the different SIMATIC components better than Siemens. And there should be no risks involved in satisfying complex production requirements.


• Better diagnostics capabilities and market availability of the new components.


Thanks to the new technology and Automate know-how, not to forget SIEMENS adequate support to its solution partners, we were able to achieve customer complete satisfaction.




   Liban Cable1  (Download PDF)
   Liban Cable2  (Download PDF)