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Using SIEMENS STEP7 and WinCC flexible on a Panel PC, ITEC Team has integrated an Independent Control Center from the plant Automation System for a Backup Gas Line, with:

- Necessary Functionality.
- Interface with Existing System, which is also based on SIEMENS Controllers 



Packaging machine for Serum Bags

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In one of the Main Landfills in Lebanon, we have successfully installed a control system for Gaz flares with Gaz analysis system. check the brochure for more info.

Requirements of the customer:

  •  A modular GAZ analysis and flare control system easy to maintain and to operate are a must, with communication feature all time availability with explosion proof capabilities are required reliable, rugged, and robust system to whithsdand all time weather outside installation in a landfill environment.

Short description of the solution:

  • In one of Lebanon's main landfill, AUTOMATE and with the collaboration of the local managing company SUKOMI successfully implemented a GAZ analysis system using SIEMENS BGA's on each landfill well, based on the GAZ analysis it is either sent to the GAZ generators or instead to GAZ flares, automatically closed loop control system.

Implementation by the Solution Partner: 

  • the customer first came to us for reconditioning the existing old system, when we suggested a complete TIA solution, including the BGA from SIEMENS rugged design, high availability and safety were the right solution for this application.

Benefits for the customer:

  • BGA's, PLC and all peripherals from SIEMENS all connected through a PROFIBUS network ensure high integrity, fast diagnostics, fast response accurate system for optimised performance
   SUKOMI - flare Gaz controls  (Download PDF)
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