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Current Course Offerings

Code Description Duration Price
CPE1 Certified Profibus Engineer
3 days
EB100 Engineering Base ( CAD software for Electrical drawings) basics
1 Day 2000$/person
S7101 SIEMENS Step 7 Maintenance and commissioning course
1 Day 300$/person
S7201 SIEMENS Step 7 Programming level 1
1 Day 500$/person
S7202 SIEMENS Step 7 Programming Level 2
1 Day 600$/person
WCCF100 SIEMENS WinCC Flexible basic
3 days 400$/person
WCCF110 SIEMENS WinCC Flexible Advanced
2 days 600$/person
WCCS100 SIEMENS WinCC V7.0 training SCADA
3 days $1,500/person
BT100 Beckhoff PC based automation introduction and TwinCAT basics
1 Day $200/person
TS7101 TIA Step 7 - Maintenance
TS7201 TIA Step 7 - Maintenance
TWCC100 TIA WinCC-Basic