Cloud Maintenance

Effective and Sustainable Remote Access

Provide effective and sustainable support of machines using industrial remote access

Connection in 2 clicks to any PLC
Easy setup and management of all your machines
Successful worldwide connectivity with best-in-class stability and security standard

Proactive Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on machine performance with proactive remote monitoring

Quick status overview and notifications based on PLC data
Data visualization through local or cloud-based dashboards anytime from any device
Cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution

Data Integration for Third Party Applications

Integrate machine data with any third party applications

Worldwide machine data collection with no data loss or duplicates
Data integration from machines to any IoT project through powerful API’s
Fast implementation and scaling of any connected industrial application

Why Cloud Maintenance?

The best solution to easily, securely and efficiently access your machines while enabling information & insights


Automate gives you easy access to remote connectivity

If you want to easily start the digitalization of your machines or your factory, Automate’s secure remote connectivity solution will help you implement it in a straightforward way, without any IT skill needed.

Simply connect an Ewon gateway to your machine’s PLC and register it for free to prepare your equipment for IIoT. Installation only takes a few minutes and you can then enjoy the benefits of remote access & monitoring.


Cyber security is at the heart of Ewon’s proposition

In a nutshell, Automate’s solutions are ISO 27001 certified, tested by NVISO and fully IT-approved. All of these requirements lie in our layered security approach.

By balancing both security and ease of use, Ewon creates best-in-class remote solutions that work for both users and IT managers.

Full integration of IT security standards into Ewon’s solutions means little to no IT changes are required.
You get the ultimate solution to manage your equipment remotely with maximum control, visibility and security.


Ewon gives you the possibility to start small and grow quickly


Automate’s solutions adapt to your needs and grow with your business. There is no minimum number of devices to start using Ewon products: 
You can start from scratch and grow at your own pace.

At any point in your IoT journey, Ewon makes it easy to add as many devices and users as you want to your Talk2M account.
Once your business has grown, you can rely on Ewon’s solid and redundant infrastructure, consisting of more than 25 data centers spread around the world.


Automate offers high availability for maximum business continuity

Automate’s backend team manages the entire Talk2M infrastructure to deliver optimal connectivity performance. This is a daily commitment to ensure maximum business continuity for thousands of users around the world.

Additionally, Talk2M Pro’s Global Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures 99.5% service availability for maximum business continuity.


Automate’s solutions are based on cost-effective, constantly up-to-date technologies


In order to avoid any constraints imposed on the customer, Ewon’s solutions are based on open and non-proprietary technologies.
The goal of this modularity is to simplify your life with open and efficient solutions, and to avoid forcing you to stay in a specific brand/product line.

Ewon’s offering is constantly improved and monitored by a team of dedicated engineers, enabling up-to-date and cost-effective solutions, with a wide range of support services available.