With the global fight for net-zero gathering pace, innovation in offshore renewables has never been more important, as countries seek new technologies for the wider deployment and integration of offshore renewable sources, expanding to untapped locations for construction, and looking for optimised design and development solutions to deliver projects of maximum efficiency and enhanced performance.

Use cases

The renewables landscape

As an energy engineering consultancy, we work with clients to develop new approaches to generation, capacity and storage – onshore or offshore. We’re working with clients across Asia to unlock the future of offshore wind, exploring the technical requirements needed for seabed installation and evaluating the feasibility of weather conditions and the right solutions to achieving net zero energy.  

Overcoming intermittency is key to the value and viability of renewable energy systems. We are working on battery storage, resilience planning and effective system integration to help clients implement renewable sources with confidence.

Offshore wind

As the world demands secure and affordable net-zero energy, we’re supporting offshore wind development globally. With a blend of global and local expertise, we also invest in developing new tools and approaches to support the industry as it expands into new areas. 

Technical and commercial expertise

Our work on new renewable energy infrastructure like offshore wind farms or solar PV arrays, draws on our wider strengths in structural and civil engineering. Clients benefit from this breadth of related expertise, from traditional engineering to data-driven tools that can manage increasingly complex renewable energy systems.

As the renewable energy industry continues to develop, new players are entering the market. We help clients across the renewable energy sector to acquire or sell renewable asset portfolios. Our advisory team provides technical due diligence, owner’s engineer roles and lender’s technical advisor roles, ensuring clients get the best value from the assets they are acquiring or selling.