Delta robots feed the need for speed.

CNC Delta Robot

Automate has developed a new state-of-the-art robotic picking and packing technology.
The Delta Robot offers high flexibility in a compact footprint for automated pick-and-place tasks empowered by a seamless integration of optimal machine design and machine control.
This maintenance-free solution features outstanding accuracy, motion control and precision, combines software and control architecture to address automation challenges and allows the user to engineer at a very low cost.


• High performance and reliable real-time control system
• Ease of program personalization suitable for the needed application
• Accurate motion with a short cycle time and high precision
• Optimal large workspace with large payload capacity for easy integration into production lines
• Customizable design such as stainless option for food handling, soft grippers for fragile items picking.

Mechanical Features

• Payload: up to 3kg
• Operating area covered: up to 100*100 cm
• Operating height covered: up to 60 cm
• Speed of operation: up to 120 picks per min
• Material optimization: aluminum, hardened steel & carbon fiber
• Increased accuracy due to high rigidity
• Optimized kinematics and maneuverability
• Maintenance-free joints & bearings
• Centering fittings ensuring precise components assembling during manufacturing with a tolerance up to 0.001 mm.
• Choice of gripper based on application for gentle handling

Software Design

• User-friendly HMI
• Program personalization: Possibility for user to edit robot program & add modules on existing system
• Predefined paths by manually moving the gripper from controller interface, physically moving robot gripper by hand, inputting 3D coordinate G-code
• Complex path planning with specific dynamics is achieved by: Axis interpolation integrated in the kinematics in a closed-loop system with accurate trigonometric functions, “Looking Ahead” feature, smoothing with splines and path overriding

Additional Optional Features

• Vision software integration for locating items, detecting defects, sorting and avoiding hurdles.

• Artificial intelligence integration within the vision software