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Electrical Design

Site Electric Services Provides Construction, Service, Engineering, and Design Services to the Bay Area. We specialize in providing Electrical Service and Industrial Construction to our clients in MENA.

Arc Flash & Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety and Arc Flash compliance can be a complex issue for small and large organizations alike. Let Site Electric support you in achieving your goals and regulatory compliance.

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

PLC troubleshooting can be performed in many different ways and as the engineer’s experience always plays the major role in successful resolving of such issues, five methods have been developed.


Maintenance Agreements

An industrial maintenance contract is an agreement between several parties governing the professional relationships between a customer and a service provider

Hierarchy of Electrical Equipment Operations and Maintenance

When it comes to industrial power systems, ensuring that they remain operational and reliable is critical for business continuity. Power outages and equipment failures can lead to production downtime, resulting in lost revenue and missed deadlines. To prevent such issues, companies must implement a comprehensive maintenance strategy that takes into account the hierarchy of criticality for their power systems.The electrical System can be broken down into 3 distinct parts: Critical Power, Power Distribution, and Utilization Equipment.

Main Service Panel Upgrade

Considerations for homeowners when you are replacing a main electrical service panel. Are you preparing to go solar or just have an older home and thinking of having a new main electrical panel installed?

Background and Relevant Standards

Electrical Safety and Arc Flash standards and background on the topic sets the stage for a successful electrical safety and arc flash program