REQUIREMENTS of the customer:
•Software development for packing plant cement transfer from silos to packer machines, to replace old relays interlocking system.
•Software, PLC supply, IPCs, integration of around 2000 IOs.
•Learning PCS7 and CEMAT library in a short period, delivery over short switchover period during weekends.
BENEFITS for the customer:
•Getting rid of old relay interlocking system and providing new control system so client can identify easily error location and solved it.
•Availability of spare parts as the system existing had old hardware and obsolete spare parts.
•It is possible to reduce production costs for the goods manufactured , due to flexibility In selecting the production line, path and target delivery of goods.
•It is possible to reduce operational costs by identifying the errors and fault functions whenever occurring very fast.
•All interlocks could be detected whenever faults occurs in few minutes due to ESOS station.

•By providing support and integration of PCS7 blocks as per HOLCIM standards.
•Know how, experience, support.
•Already existing system and upgrade.
•PCS7 software, Siemens Rack IPCs, ET200S remote IOS, S7-400 CPU, OLMs and SCALANCE.
•Startup in 48 hours at each stop, short stops for modifications, end clients slightly affected.

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